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Website of My Retreat - writers' retreat in South Fallsburg, New York

November 10, 2003

My Retreat offers a room of your own in South Fallsburg in the foothills of the Catskills. If you are a writer, poet, or artist of life and need to work, read, meditate, or just breathe, My Retreat is for you.

My Retreat was founded in the spirit of Olga Kobylyanska, a famous Ukrainian writer and the second website's mission is to create a dialogue between American and Ukrainian writers and present work from both countries. Here you can find short fiction, poetry, essay, excerpts, reviews and critiques from America and Ukraine.

Each section of the site is made with it's own design though holding the style of the website.

My Retreat, Rooms and rates
'Come to My Retreat' section of the web site
World of Writers, Feature american writer Stepahanie Kaplan Cohen
'World of Writers' section of the web site

The web site has a lot of text to read, so it is powered with a search capability.

We used elastic layout so the text fills all available space even on big screens. To make the reading of large amounts of text easier the font size was made non-fixed and large enough, and the distance between text lines was increased.

Print version of the web site was prepared using an alternative stylesheet, so that only the main article text is printed without any additional decoration and site navigation.

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